By WalkingTree  December 09,  2020

3 DevOps trends you need to know for 2021

Digital capabilities are the key to developing and deploying rapid innovation during the pandemic. There are three trends within DevOps that will further improve the pace of digitization. 

Infrastructure as code – In an IAC concept, servers, networks, and storage devices are as code files. This allows a company to automate easily and simplify its infrastructure. Infrastructure as code also delivers a straightforward infrastructure version control system that allows teams to roll back to the last configuration in case of a failure. Which results in rapid recovery and reduced downtime.

Kubernetes – Kubernetes has become the enterprise standard for managing the delivery of software systems for a reason, it helps businesses redesign applications for the cloud. This is valuable because it reduces the necessary infrastructure footprint by using a small containerized portion of the server.

GitOps – GitOps is an emerging technology which you need to keep a note of. GitOps has been adopted by major cloud vendors who now offer guides, samples, and templates to kickstart the GitOps journey. It replaced the standard DevOps workflow. The key to this is the use of Git as a control mechanism for creating system architecture. 

Read on to know more about the 3 DevOps trends for 2021.


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