By WalkingTree   May 04, 2020

The dropdown is one of the most used tools for a UI/UX designer. It is a one-stop destination for grouping many options into one handy component. 

Although Dropdown is flexible and easy to use, there are many ways by which you can improve it. Let’s dive into some of the ways to improve Dropdowns in UI/UX Design

  • Smart Default

By using the analytics feature, we can analyze which option is being selected by most users and skip that entire step by making that option as a smart default. 

  • Simplify

Analytics feature also helps in determining which options are completely unnecessary. If users are selecting only a few options and the rest are left untouched, then you can consider removing them. 

  • Individual Usage Patterns

We can pre-select a specific option for a user by looking at their frequency. Let’s say a person frequently orders Italian food, so we can pre-select Italian cuisine for them. 

  • Regional Smart Default

This refers to a particular geographical location. By looking at the currency option selected or looking for a nearby store can help guess the appropriate section for a user. 

  • Use Radio Buttons

It’s better to use radio buttons instead of dropdown when there are only a few handful options available. Radio buttons display the options to a user at a glance and make thins easy for them.

  • Use Visual Elements

Instead of representing the option in a dropdown, we can display the options in a visual form with the right picture and color. 

Read on to check out more ways to improve Dropdowns in a UI/UX Design


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